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Blog Move :: New Digs

Scout’s Dog Blog is merging with RiverDog Prints’ Card Blog.
There will be one blog stop for all things dog, pet, paper, food and photography.

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Monday Instagram :: 100-Acre Wood Tree

Instagram Photo

Father’s Day to the Dogs

Of course I get excited by tennis balls and big bodies of water.
Know what else gets me excited?
Illustrated dogs filled with pattern, paired with colors that pop (I have unusual taste for a dog).

Check out this card from Bean’s human, Angie (who curates the Dog Prints feature so well!) What a great way to wish your number one dad a Happy Father’s Day!
Available at Angie’s site here and in her Etsy shop here.

An interview with Happy Dog Clothes :: Sophie’s Choice

Hey there!  Sophie here.  I’m stopping by today with an interview from Happy Dog Clothes Lancaster, PA.  I must say, my human knows good looking dogs!  Meet Vegas, a Boston terrier and model for Happy Dog Clothes,  and her human Jennifer.  You may recognize Vegas in the Valentine’s Day post here.

Sophie: How did you meet Vegas?

Jennifer: The story of how Vegas and I came to be is quite convoluted. I started my search for a dog in 2008, almost a year after my last dog (of 17 years) passed away. I started searching Petfinder and I found Vegas. It was basically a love at first sight type of story. I knew she was the dog for me.

I found out that Vegas was rescued from a puppy mill and had some issues. She was malnourished and dealing with a pretty severe prolapsed rectum. So while I didn’t intend to take on a dog with medical issues I did some research and thought about if I was ready to get a dog with known medical issues. Ultimately the answer was yes. No decisions on Vegas’ adoption were made until the rescue was sure that she would make it through the surgeries to correct the issue with the prolapse. When all was said and done, I was informed that I was NOT the chosen applicant to take Vegas. I was so distressed over the news, I was basically pouting for the next few days. Everyone around me was suggesting I move on and look for another dog. However, I was so convinced Vegas and I were meant to be, I said I wasn’t going to look for another dog until I knew she was home with her new family and there was absolutely no chance I could adopt her.

Needless to say my persistence paid off, the family that originally was going to take her couldn’t and so I was given the opportunity to adopt her. We ended up driving out to Ohio from Pennsylvania to pick her up the weekend I found out we could take her. So the happy ending to Vegas’ story is that she is completely healthy and spoiled. Now she is the face of Happy Dog Clothes, which is named after her because we called her the “happy dog” all the time. I have come to the conclusion that we were fated to be together.

Sophie: Does Vegas have any quirks?

Jennifer: She has a lot of quirks. She hates it when you blow in her face or make fart sounds with your mouth. She also sleeps with a big grin on her face and likes to rub up against your legs like a cat.

Sophie: Tell us why or how you started your business.

Jennifer: Vegas was the catalyst for my business. Many Boston terrier owners will be familiar with this story, but as Vegas got bigger I found it more difficult to find coats for her. Bostons have big chests and many dog clothes don’t accommodate their unique size. Clothes for Bostons are also a necessity, these dogs don’t have the insulating layer of fur that most dogs have and here in the Northeast Vegas has to have a coat in the colder months. I was getting so frustrated with the task of finding her a coat they either didn’t fit, they were ugly or not warm enough and sometimes it was all of the above. Since I had some experience with sewing I figured I would make a fitting coat for Vegas that was warm and cute.

I posted a picture of my coat on the Facebook page of the Northeast Boston Terrier rescue and got a lot of positive feedback. So it was encouragement enough for me to give it a try selling my clothes. I felt that if I had these issues there were certainly other dog owners who had the same issues. I have already done some custom coats for Dachshunds who definitely have a unique shape.

Sophie: What is the best seller item in your shop?

Jennifer: Hands down the best sellers in my shop are the holiday bandanas and bow ties. So far I have tried to make bandanas and bow ties for all the holidays. I am getting ready to start working on patriotic bandanas and bow ties for the summer holidays.

I think these are so popular because many of my customers either just like to share the holidays with their pets or their pets are going to events during the holidays. For example, I had several customers who were taking their dogs to St. Patty’s Day parades and for some their dogs were going to be in the parades.

Sophie: Where can we find Happy Dog Clothes?

Jennifer: You can find Happy Dog Clothes at my Etsy store, and on Facebook at   If you want to know more about Vegas you can read her blog at

Thanks Vegas and Jennifer!


Sophie is a year old Weimaraner who has a nose for great handmade finds for dogs and their humans.

Her human, Linda, is the owner of à la mode (a line of modern products for humans and their homes) and creator/editor of alamodestuff blog.

Old Lady

I run with A-Dog a few times during the week. I can hardly stay inside my skin when I know she’s getting ready for a run and I might be going too. She used to take me every time, but as I grow older, I’m not allowed to go every day.

Recently, my body started to rebel. I would run a mile and begin to limp. Of course, I wouldn’t stop unless A-Dog did. Even with a day of rest in between runs, I would still limp. She said it was hard to tell which leg was affected and after a few days of little improvement, we had to go to Dogdom’s unspeakable four letter word: the vet.

No need to go into details on that horror, but if any dogs out there want to share a better place to hide than the human leg tunnel, I’m all silky ears.

My diagnosis was arthritis — a mild case that can be treated with medication. I started with a quarter pill, twice a day. After two weeks, my dose is now a quarter pill once a day. I am in awe that such a small bit of medicine can make such a difference. (Although, hearing the humans trying to break that little pill into four pieces is hilarious. Watch the language, people!)

I am back to running every other day to a maximum of 3 miles. I’m grateful and hopeful that I can do it for the rest of my life.

Swinging Dogs :: Sophie’s Choice

Wheatie and Scottie share a porch swing folk art print by WaterColorQueen
Swinging Corgi print by AfricanGrey
Golden rule photo print by MarkJAsher
J.R. Hunter on his swing limited edition print by JRBaileyDesigns
Original dog oil painting by AdamFonos

Sophie is a year old Weimaraner who has a nose for great handmade finds for dogs and their humans. Her human, Linda, is the owner of à la mode (a line of modern products for humans and their homes) and creator/editor of alamodestuff blog.

An interview with Tascha :: Sophie’s Choice

Today, we are mixing things up a bit.  In my many searches for handmade dog products, I come across artists who may not necessarily sell things for dogs, but use dogs in their art.  Intrigued, I thought I’d ask these artists about their dog inspirations.  One such artist that grabbed my attention is Tascha, a painter and illustrator who lives in Toronto, Canada.  Tascha’s art is so bright, cheerful, and full of passion.  The vibrant colors and lovable characters jump off the page as if daring you not to look…and smile.

Tascha's shop

Sophie: How long have you been painting?
Tascha: I have been painting since I was a little kid actually. My mom is an artist and I used to work on a little table in her art room along side her as she worked on her illustrations. All throughout my childhood I was given art supplies to play with, creating art was just a normal play time for me. As an adult, I did graduate from The Ontario College of Art and Design where my focus was more on sculpture and illustration.

Sophie: Why did you choose this medium?
Tascha: I chose painting to focus on because I love the deep rich hues you can get with acrylic paint. Watercolor or pencil crayons just can’t seem to get the intensity of color that you can achieve with acrylic paint. I love how fast it dries too! I can complete a project in one sitting from start to finish.

Sophie: I love the bright colors and whimsical characters in your paintings. What influenced your style?
Tascha:  I am influenced by all things child-like. Such things as brightly colored candies and toys. I grew up with a lot of colorful storybooks which always stuck with me. I have a real soft spot for Japanese cuteness known as kawaii.

Sophie: You use animals quite a bit in your work. Besides your loving cat, Lily, do you have any other pets?
Tascha:  Currently Lily is my only pet. I grew up with both dogs and cats. As an only child, the pets were always like my brothers and sisters. Now as an adult my pets are like my children. I can’t image never having a pet in my life.

Sophie: Are any of the dogs in your paintings based on real dogs?
Tascha:  Growing up we had Bichon Frise dogs. They were 3 boy Bichon dogs named Basil, Harley and Andy. All very dear to me. My mom just adopted a new little Bichon now that the others have passed away. This puppy is a girl Bichon! Her name is Flossie and she is just the cutest! I am completely influenced by her sweetness and have painted a few little Bichon paintings because of her.

Sophie:   Congratulations on your new line of licensed merchandise! Will we find any of your ornaments in the US?
Tascha: You will find all of them in the USA! It might be harder to find them outside of the USA. Keep up to date on my blog and Facebook to find out where they will be available. I am really looking forward to their release this upcoming Christmas!

Sophie:  Please tell us where else we can find you online (etsy, facebook, twitter, flick, etc).
Tascha: You can find me at:

Facebook fan page:
My blog:

Thank you, Tascha, for taking the time to share your art with us!

Sophie is a year old Weimaraner who has a nose for great handmade finds for dogs and their humans. Her human, Linda, is the owner of à la mode (a line of modern products for humans and their homes) and creator/editor of alamodestuff blog.

Workday Scout on Flickr

A-dog here. I’ve been taking photographs of Scout every weekday starting last Monday. I love photographing her. She’s a joy to watch through the lens. She tweets the photos every “workday”. Follow her on Twitter or check out the set on Flickr.

Dog Plus Pattern :: New Breed Poodle

It’s another addition to the line of pups, the Poodle. She will be available (with a choice of poodle colors) in our store and Etsy shop soon. I’ll update this post when she is!

Barking Roses Are Red

The Bark is having a Valentine’s Day contest. You complete the ubiquitous “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…” with an ode to your dog. We dogs deserve every couplet you can create, but you also get a chance to win a sweet prize pack for your trouble (see our cards and two other great dog products below). You can check out the post here or make your way to The Bark’s Facebook page here.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My nose may be cold
But it only smells you.

Heartfelt, yes. But there are much better poems in the contest.
Go forth and rhyme!

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