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Sooooo, I may have to change the name of this new feature… Marteeny Knox McDougall, better known as Teeny, completely has his own blog. I’ve had the pleasure of having Teeny and his great work on the blog before here, here and here. He and his lovely human, Katy, have answered all the questions, so let’s bound right in and meet them both.

Say hello to my little friend

Say hello to my little friend

Human Questions

What is your dog’s name?
Marteeny Knox McDougall

What breed of dog do you have?
I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. Everyone who meets him seems to have a different opinion on it! The most common suggestions I hear are miniature pinscher and some sort of terrier. I don’t really care, as long as he is happy & healthy!

How old is your dog?
He is 5! Each summer we throw him a big birthday party & all the guests bring toys that we donate to our cause. It was 105 last year (and the party is usually outdoors, due to all the dog guests) that I think we’ll move it to fall this time… brutal TX summers!

What nicknames do you call your dog?
Teeny… and on occasion “Are you kidding me? Why on Earth would you do that?”

What is the best thing you’ve taught your dog?
Not to be afraid of people. He’s a rescue and while I don’t know many details (and don’t want to) there was some mistreatment involved; he has none of the trust issues that are common amongst rescue/abused dogs.

How does your dog make you laugh?
EVERYTHING he does makes me laugh. His little unique & individual personality amazes me every single day. Sometimes I could swear he was a person.

Is there any weird behavior you’d like to share about your dog?
Sometimes when you approach him, he ducks his head down to the floor (sometimes he puts it between his front legs) and flips himself over onto his back so his belly is in the air. I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose but I can’t tell if it’s a submissive thing or just a fancy trick to get a belly rub.

What is your favorite walk/hike to take?
I love to take him to the nearby Bull Creek dog park. They have great hiking trails there. Teeny loves to hike, run, you name it. True story: when I first starting dating my husband Todd, he loved to take Teeny jogging with him. Unfortunately, I lived in an apartment complex at the top of a hill. Teeny was fine the first stretch, going down the hill. But he would always poop out coming home, going up the hill. So Todd would inevitably have to pick up Teeny and jog the rest of the way holding him. He said cars would pass and the people in the cars would always point and laugh at him while they drove past. In their defense, it probably looked pretty silly, that big ol’ man (Todd is 6 feet tall) running & holding that little dog. But he loved Teeny so much he continued to take him jogging anyway. That’s how I knew Todd was a keeper!

What is the best toy you’ve given your dog?
That’s a hard one! I’ve never met another dog who absolutely treasures his toys as much as Teeny. He really loves a plushy bear we call Christmas Baby and has absolutely ripped it to shreds. He also really loves tug toys.

If your dog could speak only one sentence, what would he/she say?
Mom – sit down for five minutes! He’s always happiest when me and my hubby are both on the couch curled up w/ Teeny & Tootsie, our miniature schnauzer. I’m always running around the house doing stuff though.

What is the most annoying behavior your dog exhibits?
Sometimes when he gets really really excited, like when someone he really loves comes over, he squirts just a little bit of pee! Also, he can be a little bit protective at times – if someone he doesn’t know very well touches me, he will bark at them!

Does your dog wear anything fashionable?
He loves clothes and has soooo many! I love him in his UT jersey (my hubby is a UT alumni).

Has your dog ever destroyed anything in your home?
The only thing he has ever destroyed was my copy of Sex & the City (the book). Looks like he feels the same way as most men about that series!

What do you love most about your dog?
I love how much he loves life. I love how he inspires me to be a better person. I love how I can just tell sometimes that he’s dying to tell me something. I love what a great sleeping buddy he is. I love everything about him!



Dog Questions

What is your name?
Marteeny Knox McDougall.

What breed of dog are you?
Little of dis, little of dat. Mischief, sugar & spice, etc.

How old are you?
I iz 5 years old and will be 6 dis summer. Can’t wait til da big birfday party my Mom & Dad throw for me every year!

What nicknames do the humans call you?

Do you like any of your nicknames?
Call me whatever ewe want, as long as ewe are calling me!

What is your favorite walk/hike?
Da walk from da living room up da stairs to da bedroom – cuz I know dat means dat it’s bedtime and I get to curl up in bed wiff Mom and Dad.

What is your go to toy?
A plushee toy bear my Mom and Dad call Christmas Baby becuz it haz sum Christmas-y stuff on it. Well, it used to, and it used to be stuffed. Now it is pretty much a raggedy piece of cloth, but I still luvs it.

What is the most fashionable thing you wear?
Oh dog! I haff a fleece coat with fur lining that iz to die for!

If you’re a reader, what is your favorite book?
I iz not much of a reader; I iz more of a napper.

What is the oddest thing you’ve ever done?
Eaten my own poop. What?! I wanted ta know what it tasted like!

What is the treat you will do anything for?
Mmmmm I luvz Bonewiches. Dey are dog-friendly cookies wiff cream in da middle and dipped in a yogurt based frosting and den sprinkles!

What is your greatest skill?
The ability to wrangle a belly rub out of anyone, anytime. Even the stoniest of stone cold hearts and people who (GASP!) aren’t dog luvers!

If you could speak only one sentence, what would you say?
Luv me, adore me!

What is your favorite human food?
I don’t gets furry much human food (mean Mom!) but I luv carrots!

If you could be granted 3 wishes, what would they be?

1. I wud wish for mai Mom and Dad to always be on da same floor of our house. It confuses me when dey are on different floors; I like dem to be together!
2. Dat it wud always be sunny out and never rainy or snowy. When da weather is bad, I raise up on mai tipy-toes to walk, so mai Mom bought me some booties so I wouldn’t have to do dat anymore. But I fink I look stoopid in dem!
3. Dat der were more dan 24 hours in a day so I would haff even more time fur dog-naps! Especially in mai Dad’s lap – he makes a gud nook for me wiff his legs dat I luv to curl up in!

What do you love most about your human?
How her luv fur other anipals just makes her heart dat much bigger and giffs her even more room to luv me.

You can visit Teeny at his blog for more information on how to help needy dogs here. Thanks Katy and Teeny!

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