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Today, we are mixing things up a bit.  In my many searches for handmade dog products, I come across artists who may not necessarily sell things for dogs, but use dogs in their art.  Intrigued, I thought I’d ask these artists about their dog inspirations.  One such artist that grabbed my attention is Tascha, a painter and illustrator who lives in Toronto, Canada.  Tascha’s art is so bright, cheerful, and full of passion.  The vibrant colors and lovable characters jump off the page as if daring you not to look…and smile.

Tascha's shop

Sophie: How long have you been painting?
Tascha: I have been painting since I was a little kid actually. My mom is an artist and I used to work on a little table in her art room along side her as she worked on her illustrations. All throughout my childhood I was given art supplies to play with, creating art was just a normal play time for me. As an adult, I did graduate from The Ontario College of Art and Design where my focus was more on sculpture and illustration.

Sophie: Why did you choose this medium?
Tascha: I chose painting to focus on because I love the deep rich hues you can get with acrylic paint. Watercolor or pencil crayons just can’t seem to get the intensity of color that you can achieve with acrylic paint. I love how fast it dries too! I can complete a project in one sitting from start to finish.

Sophie: I love the bright colors and whimsical characters in your paintings. What influenced your style?
Tascha:  I am influenced by all things child-like. Such things as brightly colored candies and toys. I grew up with a lot of colorful storybooks which always stuck with me. I have a real soft spot for Japanese cuteness known as kawaii.

Sophie: You use animals quite a bit in your work. Besides your loving cat, Lily, do you have any other pets?
Tascha:  Currently Lily is my only pet. I grew up with both dogs and cats. As an only child, the pets were always like my brothers and sisters. Now as an adult my pets are like my children. I can’t image never having a pet in my life.

Sophie: Are any of the dogs in your paintings based on real dogs?
Tascha:  Growing up we had Bichon Frise dogs. They were 3 boy Bichon dogs named Basil, Harley and Andy. All very dear to me. My mom just adopted a new little Bichon now that the others have passed away. This puppy is a girl Bichon! Her name is Flossie and she is just the cutest! I am completely influenced by her sweetness and have painted a few little Bichon paintings because of her.

Sophie:   Congratulations on your new line of licensed merchandise! Will we find any of your ornaments in the US?
Tascha: You will find all of them in the USA! It might be harder to find them outside of the USA. Keep up to date on my blog and Facebook to find out where they will be available. I am really looking forward to their release this upcoming Christmas!

Sophie:  Please tell us where else we can find you online (etsy, facebook, twitter, flick, etc).
Tascha: You can find me at:

Facebook fan page:
My blog:

Thank you, Tascha, for taking the time to share your art with us!

Sophie is a year old Weimaraner who has a nose for great handmade finds for dogs and their humans. Her human, Linda, is the owner of à la mode (a line of modern products for humans and their homes) and creator/editor of alamodestuff blog.

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